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Exhaustive list of types of Warhammer 40k Guys 

Space marines player: fascist
Imperial guard player: fascist
Chaos marines player: fascist
Orks player: fascist
Tyranids player: fascist
Eldar player: fascist
Dark Eldar player: fascist
Necrons player: fascist
Tau player: communist

Are the people that sort coffee beans also called Maxwell's demons?

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In a world in which the establishment uses your self-doubt as a means by which to control you, and generate personal profits; liking oneself becomes an act of rebellion

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Some folks can't connect to our instance using their ISP, but they can on mobile data. Is this a common problem? Does anyone have a way to fix it?

In the countless ways the internet has broken us, the one I find most annoying at present is that when someone says something frustratingly stupid I can now hear it in InApPRoPRiatE cAPItAliZaTIon

George Orwell -> At least one thing is terrible
George Andwell -> Everything is terrible
George Norwell -> Everything is fine
George Nandwell -> At least one thing is fine

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its fucked up that the whole "new wi-fi standard thats going to be integrated into everything and allows continuous recognition and tracking of humans and objects in 3D space through walls" isn't something that anyone seems to really know or care about

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you wanna know why income inequality falls along racial lines?

- renting is more expensive than owning but home loans penalize black people
- hiring discrimination
- pay discrimination
- school-to-prison pipeline
- overpolicing depopulates communities
- low-income neighborhoods tend to reside in unhealthy/environmentally dangerous locations
- which means increased rates of disabilities, higher health costs
- can't work if you're sick
- public transportation underfunded in black neighborhoods

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Black Lives Matter protests have saved lives, study finds

Places with Black Lives Matter protests experienced a 15% to 20% decrease in police homicides from 2014 to 2019 — around 300 fewer deaths. “The gap in lethal use-of-force between places with and without protests widens over these subsequent years and is most prominent when protests are large or frequent.”


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